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"Things are going well in Cape Town"

Things are going really well in my life in Cape Town. It took me a long while to recover from the jet-lag and general exhaustion from my trip to the U.S., but as soon as that was over the work started in Cape Town. And the RC Community is doing well.

I managed to set up a small "pilot plant" along the lines of Margaret Green's proposal and started teaching RC in an agency, as RC. It was difficult because of the restimulation in the group. Everybody has a relationship with everybody else in this agency, which made the restimulation multiply several times over. I think I handled it well. An ongoing fundamentals class has grown out of it, and the people expressed great expectations of doing RC in their work. In effect they want to teach RC classes, so I will carry on teaching them until there are people ready to teach.

My other fundamentals classes are also carrying on as per usual. Workshops are happening, and we have two people who will teach fundamentals later this year. There is also the possibility of two more people starting to teach in the new year.

I got really excellent counselling at both the Black Liberation Workshop and the Seattle meeting. I think my renewed excitement about RC and my commitment to making sure that the Community in South Africa grows rapidly have come out of these trips.

Hein Kleinbooi
Cape Town, South Africa

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