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Rough Notes--Managers' Workshop

Littleton, Massachusetts, USA, June 3, 1995


  • Isolation, inherent in being a manager, is reinforced by male oppression.
  • Don't be fooled by the masks men wear.
  • Everyone in every organization, please take initiative to get close to men managers. All men are good, even though it doesn't look that way at times.
  • We need to think and discharge together about affirmative action.
  • Give men a hand on how to use their positions for change and liberation, not oppression.
  • Men are more than their work. They want to be close to everyone around them. Women managers can be mentors for up-and-coming males.
  • Interrupt male overwork patterns from the point of view of men's liberation, not female needs. A man's liberation is the most important thing in his life.
  • Talk to men. Ask them about their families and their lives.
  • Ask men to talk about good bosses they have had. This can be a good way to get men to talk about what their work life has been like.
  • Assist men to transform their workplace to make it a good human community.


  • Promote and brag about women to everyone. Show complete respect for women's abilities.
  • Don't sexualize. Avoid "looks-ism." Don't comment on women's appearance or rank them in any way.
  • Ask a woman to coach you on a particular strength of hers.
  • Inclusion: ask a woman to join the basketball or golf group.
  • Share your information with women.
  • Men and women managers are natural allies because of similar oppression. Men can acknowledge that women are battling the same tendencies to overwork.
  • Ask for input and ideas from women before decisions are made.
  • Men should welcome the opportunity to discuss affirmative action with women and other "protected" groups. RC men could use some of their skills to facilitate a positive debate about this critical issue.
  • Remember that women think well and organize well and that they matter. Use them as your allies.
  • Support women's intelligence. They can be emotional and passionate and still be extremely intelligent.
  • Understand that women can have life outside the workplace and support that life. For example, young adult women can have very full lives outside of work, even if they are not married or don't have children.

By all the participants of the workshop
Littleton, Massachusetts, USA

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