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Download Tim Jackins talk: Boldly Working Together in New Ways (RC Teacher Update CD #62)

RC Fundamentals Classes offered online!

RC Webinars listing through May 2020

New Guidelines for Online Classes and other important messages from Tim during the COVID-19 pandemic

 New!  Sustaining All Life video library--short excerpts from SAL workshops. 


Leo Lazo, Katie Kauffman
Leo Lazo, Valerie Jaworski, Jenny Medford, Eileen Hayes
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Susan Hutchison, Gordon Jackins, Harvey Jackins, Valerie Jaworski, Katie Kauffman, Leo Lazo, Jenny Medford, Amy Ng, Ana Salazar, Diane Shisk, Karen Slaney, Lynda Thomas
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Harvey Jackins
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Teresa Ascone, Francie Chew, Gitka Hamburger, Bill Horne, Katie Kauffman, Leo Lazo, Diana Lyon, Joan Mobey, Ana Nimiti, Ama Rogan, Michael Spring, Josh Winer, Guy Wood, Dover Books
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