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All prices are $2.00 (U.S.) except where indicated otherwise. 20% off price for 10 to 19 copies; 40% off for 20 or more copies (of one title). Postage and handling costs will be added. 

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Aboriginal Australians Healing the Hurts of Racism
by Kerrie Tim.
A description of how Aboriginal people have used RC in eliminating racism and recovering from internalized racism.

Accommodating Disability
by Marsha Saxton.
An essay on meeting the challenges of including disabled people in the RC Communities.

All the Time in the World
by Margery Larrabee.
An account of an experience with RC.

Anti-Semitism: Why Is It Everyone's Concern?
by Cherie R. Brown and Amy Leos-Urbel
An explanation of what anti-Semitism is, how it divides groups from each other, and suggested action steps to eliminate it. Price: $3.00

The Art of Listening
by Harvey Jackins.
A succinct review of the interactions involved in paying attention.

Co-Counseling for Married Couples
by Harvey Jackins.
A guide to self-help for marriage problems.

The Communication of Important Ideas
by Harvey Jackins.
An essay on interpersonal communication.

Competition—An Inhuman Activity
by Perry Saidman.
From a talk on competition.

The Complete Appreciation of Oneself
by Harvey Jackins.
An essay on an important piece of RC theory.

Counseling on Early Sexual Memories
by Joan Karp. 2nd Ed.
A thorough description of techniques being used to discharge distresses connected in any way at all to sex. Price: $3.00

Creating a Just World: Leadership for the Twenty-First Century
by Pamela Roby.
A revised version of the Presidential Address given to the Society for the Study of Social Problems. Price: $3.00

The Distinctive Characteristics of Re-evaluation Counseling
by Harvey Jackins.
What differentiates Re-evaluation Counseling from humanistic psychologies.

Ending Class Oppression: A Draft Liberation Policy for Middle Class People 
by Sean Ruth and Caroline New.
Price: $3.00

The Enjoyment of Leadership
by Harvey Jackins.
Price: $3.00

Family Work
by P. Wipfler, D. Shisk, T. Jackins, L. Kenny, C. Esser, L. Garcia, E. Brown,  W. Cooper, and J. Yoder.
Many articles on building RC family work. Price: $4.00

The Flexible Human in the Rigid Society
by Harvey Jackins.
An essay on the rational relationship of the individual to society.

The Good and the Great in Art
by Harvey Jackins.
Distress, attitudes, and transcendence in art.

Guidelines for the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities
2017 edition.
Price: $4.00

How Parents Can Counsel Their Children
by Tim Jackins.
Price: $4.00

How “Re-evaluation Counseling” Began
by Harvey Jackins.
The story of how RC started.

How to Begin “Re-evaluation Counseling”
A convenient pocket-size booklet with simple instructions. Price: $1.00

How to Give Children an Emotional Head Start
by Marjon Riekerk.

The Human Male: A Men’s Liberation Draft Policy
by Harvey Jackins and others.
An overview of the nine institutions that oppress men and a program for liberation. Price: $3.00

An Introduction to Co-Counseling
by Dan Nickerson. Price: $1.00

Introduction to the Guidelines
(Excerpts from the 2017 Guidelines)
Price: $4.00

Irish Liberation Policy
by Ann Brennan, Trish Glynn, Breda Kelly, Pascal McCulla, Keith McVeigh, Seán Ruth, Shalini Sinha, Brian Smeaton, and Mick Stuart.

Is Death Necessary?
by Harvey Jackins.
Conjectures on the possibility of physical immortality.

Letter to a Respected Psychiatrist
by Harvey Jackins.

The Liberation Of Asians: Thinking About Asian Oppression and Liberation for People of Asian Heritage Living Outside of Asia
by Cheng Imm Tan.
Price: $3.00

The Liberation of Men 
by John Irwin, Harvey Jackins, and Charlie Kreiner.
“The Liber­ation of Males,” “It’s Time for Men to Organize,” and “Giving Up Sexism.” Price: $3.00

Listening Effectively to Children
by Patty Wipfler.
Essays on special time; playlistening; tantrums and indignation; children’s crying, fears, and anger. Price: $7.00

The Logic of Being Completely Logical
by Harvey Jackins. An essay on being rational.

Logical Thinking About A Future Society
by Harvey Jackins.
Proposals for rational attitudes and actions during the collapse of the current society. Price: $3.00

The Nature of the Learning Process
by Harvey Jackins.
A guide to the solution of learning diffi­culties.

The Necessity of Long Range Goals
by Harvey Jackins.
The role of farsighted goals in the achievement of immediate ones.

No Limits: The Liberation of Women
by Diane Balser and others
Basic Understandings from the Work on Women's Liberation and Doing No Limits for Women Work. Price: $3.00

The Owning Class
by Jo Saunders
The owning class and society. Price: $3.00

Permit Their Flourishing
by the staff of the Palo Alto Pre-School.
First year of the pre-school. Price: $3.00

The Postulates of Re-evaluation Counseling
by Harvey Jackins.
The axiomatic foundations of Re-evaluation Counseling theory.

A Rational Theory of Sexuality
by Harvey Jackins.
Common sense and good thinking in a turbulent area of human cultures.

Re-Evaluation Counseling: A “Culturally
Competent” Model for Social Liberation
by Eduardo Aguilar.
A Chicano looks at Re-evaluation Counseling.

Sustaining All Life: Overcoming the Destructive Policies of the Past
by Diane Shisk and others.
Outlining the current situation and ways forward.
Price: $3:00

Understanding and Healing the Effects of Internalized Racism: Strategies for Black Liberation, by Barbara Love. 
Price: $3:00

Understanding and Supporting Young People
by Jenny Sazama.
How adults can be allies to young people.

United to End Racism and the United Nations World Conference Against Racism: Durban, South Africa, August 2001
Includes a description of United to End Racism’s (UER’s) work at the United  Nations World Conference Against Racism, color photos, a list of the UER workshops, a sample of UER flyers, and graphics of three UER posters. Price: $3.00

The Uses of Beauty and Order
by Harvey Jackins.
The importance of upgrading an individual’s environment.

We Who Were Raised Poor: Ending the Oppression of Classism
by Gwen Brown.
An essay on the strengths and difficulties of being raised poor and how to fight classism.

What's Wrong With the "Mental Health" System and What Can Be Done About It
A Draft Policy prepared for the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities. Price: $3.00

Where Did God Come From?
by Harvey Jackins.
A seminal essay on rationality and religion.

Who’s in Charge?
by Harvey Jackins.
An essay on responsibility.

Why Lead in RC
by Gwen Brown.
A personal account of the benefits of leading in RC.

Working Together to End Racism: Healing from the Damage Caused by Racism
by Tim Jackins and others.
A pamphlet written for the United Nations World Conference Against Racism about what we in RC have learned from our work to end racism.

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