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Excerpts from RC Journal THE CARING PARENT

Act with Power

Ours is a liberation movement for ourselves, for our right to nurture our children well. We deserve a society which affords parents the resource they need to build close relationships with their children. We deserve a society that recognizes the work of parenting, pays for the work of parenting, and surrounds parents with opportunities to learn, to collaborate, and to celebrate our work well done. We deserve a society that understands that parents are in a key position to preserve the power of each member of the next generation. We want a society that puts its muscle behind that very personal and revolutionary task. We are in a position to build the society we deserve. Here are three key actions we can take to build our way out of the oppression of parents...

Patty Wipfler
The Caring Parent, No. 6

Parenting Builds Leadership

In the thick of (the work of care-giving) it can improve our perspective to think of ourselves as leaders of our families. Consider your situation. You, the parent, are a member of a small band of people who care about each other. You are fortunate enough to have the tools of counseling which unlock the mystery of your own irrationalities and point the way toward healing for yourself, your allies, and your children. With these tools, you can change your understanding of your daily work as a parent. You still do the daily work--the diapering, the playing, the problem-solving, and the quick shifts in priorities all continue, no matter how you think of yourself--but if you consider yourself a leader, allotting an hour or two of discharge time every week to address your issues as leader of your family, you won't be confined to "coping" with the overload of work that lands in your lap in this oppressive society. You can lead. You can think.

Patty Wipfler
The Caring Parent, No. 6

Black Liberation Family Work in the UK

How did black liberation family work begin in the UK? As black liberation work evolved, black parents wanting to come to workshops were confronted with arranging child care. This raised issues around child care for work or leisure (hah!). The discovery of counseling raised expectations that RC could, would, or should somehow provide day-care: "If you really want me to come you should provide day-care." Of course, this was desperation speaking, the hope that now, with counseling, all needs finally could be met. Many were disillusioned or angry when day-care did not materialise. Instead we did think-and-listens and parent support groups...

Olivia Vincente, London England
The Caring Parent, No. 6

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