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The No Limits For Women Project of
the International Re-evaluation Counseling* Communities

In Beijing August 31 - Sept 8, 1995


Women’s Health Matters: Taking Charge of Our Personal Health Care

Providing support and encouragement to women to remove the emotional attitudes that might stop us from taking good care of ourselves physically and emotionally.

Internalized Oppression: How Sexism Affects Women’s Lives and Women’s Issues

Exploring the emotional effects of sexism and freeing ourselves from the limiting behaviors caused by sexist mistreatment.

Establishing Family Policies That Work in Your Country

Sharing family policies that work and setting goals for creating change toward more human family policies.

Women Taking Their Power Through Women’s Organizations

Addressing women’s leadership, having political impact, building alliances, overcoming in-fighting, fostering cooperation, and handling attacks upon the organization or its leadership.

Women and Leadership

Encouraging and supporting all women to lead on all fronts within their societies; providing tools for leadership development. Women will divide into small training groups.

Women’s Health Matters: Taking Charge of the Health System

Creating conditions that will improve women’s health; assisting women to challenge feelings of powerlessness that can get in the way of identifying priorities; acting boldly to reshape the health system.

Mothers: Creating Good Lives for Our Children and for Ourselves

Confronting the issues facing mothers; sharing information; building relationships with other mothers here at the Conference; and getting good support.

Building Unity Among Women of Different Nations, Races, Classes, Ages, and Identities

Looking at the commonalties among women internationally and the effect of the divisions between us; caucusing based on shared identities and providing tools for alliance-building.

Older and Bolder: Women of Age, Wisdom, and Power

Addressing issues that affect older women worldwide: our bodies, health, housing, adult children, money, power, and lack of respect; proposing ways of supporting each other and finding solutions.

No Limits in the Lives of Women with Disabilities

Freeing women with disabilities from the limitations imposed by oppression; challenging stereotypes about sexuality, reproductive freedom, and standards of beauty and fitness for women with disabilities.

Catholic Women: From Common to Higher Ground

National caucuses and an international panel reflecting on our gains and issues we still face; sharing personal experiences; looking at the broader picture of the external and internalized effects of sexism among Catholic women toward a program of unity.

Supporting and Empowering Low-Income Women

Learning strategies for empowering low-income women; offering women an opportunity to build relationships and establish support as they work to create change.

Empowering Working Women to Take Charge at Work

Providing opportunities for everyone to talk about their jobs, the changes they would like to make, and the obstacles they would have to overcome.

How Working Women can Establish an International Wage Standard

Proposing an international wage standard to stop the destructive exploitation of workers by multinational corporations.

Women Working for Peace and Disarmament: An International Exchange

Discussing the relationships of war and violence to classism and other oppressions and how the internalized oppression of women affects our ability to take leadership on peace issues.

Organizing Effectively Against Domestic Violence

Providing effective tools and insights to use in our work and to support each other; strategizing solutions to the struggles and challenges of domestic violence workers.

Ending the “Mental Health” Oppression Directed at Women All Over the World

Defining “mental health” for ourselves; examining what is often called “mental illness” and exploring effective methods for emotional healing.

Controlling Our Bodies and Our Destiny

Discussing the choices of having or not having children within cultures worldwide; listening with respect to all opinions on this issue.

White Women Uniting to End Racism in Every Country

Gaining an international perspective to take a fresh look at racism in each country and its effects on the liberation of all women in their countries and the women’s movement; figuring out some concrete next steps.

Overcoming the Effects of Racism and Internalized Racism

Overcoming the effects of racism and internalized racism; sharing successes in combatting these effects in women’s personal lives, and in their organizations.

Women’s Issues for Young Women Thirty or Under

Looking at how women’s issues affect our lives: mothering, deciding whether or not to have children, taking charge of money, eliminating competition among young women, women’s health, physical strength and well-being, and our relationships with men.

Organizing Young Women Internationally (for Women Thirty and Under)

Sharing current accomplishments and challenges; developing an agenda for change; discussing how to achieve change for young women.

Grassroots Organizing Training Clinic for Women Thirty and Under

Learning organizing skills: creating support structures, drawing out everyone’s thinking, creating situations in which everybody is heard, promoting leadership, and rallying people around you to support your leadership.

Asian Women

Building unity and power across differences; debunking myths about Asian women; building united fronts against internal and external divisive forces.

African-Heritage Women and African Women Claiming Our Full Lives as Women

Defining women’s issues for ourselves; reclaiming our full sisterhood.

Community Development in Africa: A Peer Development Model

Successfully supporting individuals to improve their education, family, financial, and personal circumstances; sharing successes and problem-solving.

The Black Men’s Peace Project

Healing the hurts of violence from racism, colonialism, capitalism, sexism, and patriarchy; listening to each other’s stories; creating initiatives for peace in all men’s relationships.

Men Eliminating Sexism

Understanding the roots of sexism, becoming effective allies against it, and using each other’s support in the process. All men are welcome.

Exploring Men’s Roles in Society

Examining the many cultural roles of men; transforming these roles so that men can play a flexible, “pro-human” role in society.

Jewish Women Speak Out: Issues and Challenges Facing Jewish Women Worldwide

Jewish women connecting with each other, sharing their personal stories, addressing the status of Jewish women worldwide, and how anti-Semitism operates in the women’s movement.

Women of Color and Jewish Women: Reaching for Each Other as We Build an International Women’s Movement

Coming together to develop goals for eliminating white racism and anti-Semitism in the women’s movement in order to build a more effective international women’s movement.

Working-Class and Raised-Poor Jewish Women: A Workshop on the Connection Between Classism, Anti-Semitism, and Sexism

Addressing divisions between Jewish women; challenging myths and stereotypes; empowering working-class and raised-poor Jewish women to reclaim their voices.

Israeli-Jewish Women/Palestinian Women Building Unity on Peace in the Middle East

Bringing together Israeli-Jewish women and Palestinian Arab women to participate in a session of listening and seeking ways to bridge the current barriers to the peace effort.

Community Development in the Caribbean

Supporting individuals to improve their education, family, financial, and personal circumstances; sharing successes and problem-solving.

Re-evaluation Counseling* as a Model for Development in the Economic South

Black women from Zimbabwe, Kenya, Trinidad, England, and the United States describing and demonstrating a successful peer training model for community development and personal empowerment.

Women of Privilege

Discussing how women fortunate enough to have economic, educational, or cultural advantages in their lives can achieve effective solidarity with their sisters in the women’s movement as a whole.

* Re-evaluation Counseling (also called Co-Counseling) is a process whereby people of all ages and backgrounds can learn how to exchange effective help with each other in order to free themselves from the effects of past distress experiences, including the effects of oppression.  No Limits for Women uses the tools of Re-evaluation Counseling to create a system of ongoing mutual support in which women can help free each other from the emotional harm done by sexism.  It also provides the opportunity to develop fresh and intelligent prospectives on the global and local issues involved in the elimination of sexism/male domination by women and male allies

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