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Excerpts From the RC Journal OUR ASIAN INHERITANCE

Pacific Islanders

One of the most significant insights for me, during this time, was to realize the full impact of what internalized oppression had on every single aspect of my being and my life as a Pacific Islander and an Asian. At first, I just ignored the whole issue of racism and then I denied its existence and defended my survival patterns as my "personality." As I became able to see the reality of racism and internalized oppression, I was shocked and stunned at the pervasiveness of their effects and was horrified at its general acceptance by society. ...

Luci Solomon
Our Asian Inheritance, No. 6, Page 28.

Thinking About RC And Chinese Students

Because the education system of China is different from that of many other countries (especially western countries) Chinese students have some problems or conflicts that most foreign students are not familiar with. ...

Sun Jian-Min
Our Asian Inheritance, No. 6, Page 46.

Internalized Oppression And The Culture Of Silence

As I walked toward the classroom, the sounds of many conversations drifted out of the door. I could tell that inside, students were excitedly taking about their long winter break, their holidays and the classes that they were about to begin.

I walked into the room and went to the head of the class. Before I could put my books down and turn around, silence filled the room. The conversations that were so interesting the moment before suddenly stopped, and the students, with no prompting from me, simply turned, and quietly waited for me to utter my first words.

The moment brought back a flood of memories of other teaching experiences with Asian students. ...

Keith Osajima
Our Asian Inheritance, No. 6, Page 81.

The Southeastern Asian Continental Workshop A Reflection

When the southeastern Asian continental workshop ended, the 68 delegates clasped hands with very definite self directions. Everybody said it was a great workshop. One lamented why it could not go on for a year! The power that enveloped the group in the five day workshop was a force that delegates took with them as they slowly trekked down from the 6,000 feet elevation of the awe-inspiring Kodaikanal hills to the stark realities of poverty, dirt, and people hunched by life's difficulties down below. ...

Mary Rebecca Rogacion, Philippines
Our Asian Heritage, No. 6, Page 31.

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