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N.1. Psychiatric Drugs and RC-Overview

Opposing Psychiatric Drugs

All Co-Counselors are strongly urged to oppose, in words and actions, the use of psychiatric drugs. The use of these drugs conflicts with Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) theory and practice. Psychiatric drugs interfere with discharge, re-evaluation, and the ability to counsel others. All Co-Counselors are asked to discharge any distress that interferes with their firmly opposing

  1. the use of these drugs and
  2. the concept of “mental illness.”

They are also asked to discharge any distress that interferes with their thinking well about people who may have used or are using psychiatric drugs.

We must not blame people who are using psychiatric drugs. The oppressive society is the actual source of the difficulty.

Stopping Drug Use

The person using psychiatric drugs is the only one who should decide to stop using them (and how that should be done). Young people, vulnerable adults, and some others may not, by law, make the decision. In these cases, parents, caregivers, and allies should firmly oppose giving psychiatric drugs to them.

People may need active support and resource to decide to stop using psychiatric drugs. They may need continued support to

  1. maintain the decision;
  2. keep their attention on building their life in the present; and
  3. discharge distresses previously numbed by the drugs.

This support needs to come from their friends and family. It may also come from individual Co-Counselors who have agreed to be part of their efforts. The RC Community itself is not to be expected to provide support.

The Only Option Promoted by Society

Psychiatric drugs are promoted by society as the only option for controlling the feelings we face from difficult times and the heavy recordings that oppressions (for example, racism, poverty, classism, young people’s oppression, sexism, LGBQT[93] oppression), genocide, and war have installed. Co-Counselors need to discharge to think well about people who have been hurt in these ways.


(The full reason is lengthy and has been moved to the Appendix: Lengthy Reasons, page_____.)

Relying on psychiatric drugs denies that our minds are intact and that we can discharge, re-evaluate, and think of an elegant solution for each new situation. Psychiatric drugs can cause permanent physical damage to the central nervous system and even death. Many of them affect the ability to learn. They add another layer of hurt. They can silence people’s struggles against oppression. They can lead people to believe that they must depend on the drugs—that they have no power to solve their own problems or recover emotionally without them.

The term “mental illness” is used to describe a wide range of behaviors, including heavy, prolonged discharge. These behaviors are the result of experiences of hurt, including oppression and other massive hurts inflicted on people by society. There are real solutions to people’s emotional, learning, and behavior problems. These solutions require us to organize for fundamental societal change and to introduce RC tools, such as paying thoughtful human attention to the people who have been harmed.

[93] Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, and Transgender

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