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New Online Workshop Guidelines Modifications


L.2. Application of the Guidelines to New Communities [91]

New RC Communities can modify the Guidelines, when necessary, to meet their particular cultural situations. Any such versions of the Guidelines should be consistent with the current Guidelines in all matters relating to

  1. the use of the names “Re-evaluation Counseling,” “Co-Counseling” and ”RC,” and translations of the same;
  2. basic RC theory;
  3. the certification of teachers (Guidelines D.1., Certification of RC Teachers, and D.2., Requirements of RC Teachers);
  4. financial matters (see Chapter H., RC Community Finances); and
  5. the no-socializing policy (see Guideline M, Relationships—the No Socializing Policy).

Any such modification of the Guidelines between World Conferences is to be done with the agreement of the IRP. The IRP is authorized to work out modifications in agreement with the cultural or national group of Co-Counselors. These modifications are tentative until approved by a World Conference.


We are not able to determine detailed Guidelines for Communities of every cultural background.

[91] Applies to situations in which a Community is the first one that is developing in a particular culture or geographic location, and the RC Community lacks experience with that culture or people.

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