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I.1. Offering RC Practices and Insights Beyond the RC Community

The Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) Community seeks to offer RC practices and insights as widely as possible in the general population. These include the following: discharge is helpful, listening with respect is more helpful than giving advice, validation of young people is better than punishment, and physical contact is a rational need.

Whenever we have the opportunity in a group, we can help people learn how to pay attention to each other. Doing this can include

  1. ensuring that everyone gets a turn to be listened to—including those hesitant to talk—sometimes by taking turns listening to each other in pairs;
  2. ensuring that people from groups that are traditionally silenced or disrespected are encouraged to speak and be listened to;
  3. ensuring that no one’s turn is interrupted and no one is criticized; and
  4. helping to create safety in the group by appreciating people’s efforts.


            Large numbers of people are ready to use some of the basic insights and practices of RC. More people are ready to use them than are ready to function responsibly in the Community. People can be given a chance to move their lives forward without being part of the RC Community.

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