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G.6. International Workshops

Workshops organized on the International level help develop new teachers and leaders from every section of the population. International workshops should be encouraged for (1) specific groups of people (who have a commonality of oppression, occupation, or interest) as soon as their numbers can justify the investment of resource, and (2) for general re-emergence, liberation, and taking charge.

International workshops are to be organized only after the IRP approves. Interpreting should be provided, when possible, into all the languages spoken by the participants.


To develop well, the RC Community must involve people who will think about the whole Community, not just see RC as an activity in which individuals participate. International workshops are organized to help people advance in their leadership.

International workshops expose participants to people from geographically distant places. Participants gain a richer, fuller, more accurate picture of reality by developing relationships with Co-Counselors they might otherwise not be able to meet.

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