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F.2. Draft Liberation Policies

Re-evaluation Counseling theory and practice develop continually as we apply them to all issues facing humanity. We encourage every group to work together, in consultation with the International Reference Person (IRP), to develop a “draft liberation policy statement” that expresses their best thinking about the liberation of their group and guidance for their allies.

No draft policy statement developed in the RC Community is binding on any Co-Counselor, nor is it meant to tell us what we should think or do. Rather, it is intended to be used as a tool to promote discussion and discharge.

Our liberation policy statements are always draft liberation policy statements. They are always to be revised after discharge and with further information, more persistent thinking, and experiences in their application. The only agreement required of us as members of the Re-evaluation Counseling Community is to use the practice of RC to recover our occluded intelligence and to help others do the same. [54]


We encourage each of us to think about everything and to use our best thinking to guide our actions. Draft liberation policy statements guide liberation work in the RC Community.

[54] Community members are also required to follow the Guidelines and support their use.

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