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E.8. Struggling Areas

If the growth and development of an Area have stalled, action is to be taken. The ARP and the AARP, after consulting their RRP, are to hold an Area membership meeting. Those attending can discharge about the struggles of the Area and discuss and choose ways to revitalize it.

The ARP, RRP, and IRP should consult with each other about the possibility of dissolving the Area structure, especially if that would release more initiative[49] for building the local RC Community. The Area should be dissolved only after people have made significant efforts. Shrinking to fewer than thirty (30) active Co-Counselors is not, in and of itself, a basis for dissolving an Area.


When there are difficulties in building an RC Community, the local Community members and Reference Persons need to think freshly about what steps to take to overcome these difficulties, including possibly rebuilding an Area completely.

It is not unusual for the number of participants in an Area to vary over time.

[49] Release initiative means create the conditions in which more Co-Counselors initiate activities and move forward with their leadership.

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