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D.4. Not Mixing RC with Other Theories

No material other than RC is to be taught in RC classes. RC classes should be based on RC literature. In addition, RC teachers, in their RC leadership activities, are expected to resist any pressure from their students or others to adopt currently popular concepts that are not consistent with RC. Teachers who mix RC with theories and practices that are not consistent with it may not offer to teach or claim they are teaching RC. Disputes will be resolved by the IRP.


All RC teachers find it challenging to keep their chronic patterns from diluting or degrading the theory and practice of RC but are expected to guard against this happening. Additionally, people sometimes bring other concepts to RC activities. Such concepts are not to be automatically accepted. They must always be examined and discharged on to ensure that they are consistent with our theory.

Permission to use the Trademarks “Re-evaluation Counseling,” “RC,” “United to End Racism (UER),” “No Limits for Women (No Limits),” “Sustaining All Life (SAL),” and “Jews and Allies United to End Anti-Semitism”[40] is given only with the understanding that this Guideline be followed.

[40] Anti-Semitism refers to the specific oppression directed against the Jewish people.  Although Arabs and other groups are also Semitic peoples, our use of the term anti-Semitism has always been used specifically to refer to the oppression of Jewish people. 


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