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C.6. Online Classes and Support Groups[28]

When it is not possible or not practical for Co-Counselors to be physically present in an RC class or support group, teachers may offer them the opportunity to participate online or via conference call. Class members should be reminded that confidentiality cannot be assured in online communications. They should consider the implications of having sessions and sharing personal information online. Also, the absence of physical contact often significantly limits building the closeness and safety necessary for successful sessions and Community building.

All online classes and support groups must be approved by the teacher’s RRP (or the International Reference Person [IRP] if there is no RRP) in consultation with the ARP, if the teacher is in an Organized Area. Any constituency-based online class or support group must also be approved by the International Liberation Reference Person (ILRP)[29] of that constituency.[30]

Co-Counselors who wish to attend online classes or support groups but who are outside the teacher’s Area or Region, see Guideline C.3., Structure of RC Classes.


We are committed to making RC accessible to everyone. Online classes and support groups offer important opportunities to individuals who otherwise would not be able to participate because of disability, distance, lack of transportation, desire to limit the environmental impact of transportation, or other compelling reasons.

[28] An online class includes any person or people regularly participating in it over the Internet.

[29] An International Liberation Reference Person (ILRP) represents a constituency’s interests in the International RC Community and is the International Reference Person’s deputy leader of that constituency. The ILRP proposes and develops liberation policies and publications, and leads workshops and conferences on the constituency’s particular interests, both within and outside of the RC Community.

[30] Constituency means a group in RC with some common identity, often related to oppression.

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