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B.1. Basic Method Is One-to-One

The basic method of communicating Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) is one person to one person (one-to-one). We are encouraged to find someone we would be delighted to have as our Co-Counselor. We Co-Counsel with this person, answer questions, and offer information between sessions. New people learn Co-Counseling by participating in it.

All other methods of communicating to prospective Co-Counselors are to support this one-to-one method. This includes all literature, lectures, classes, workshops, audio-recordings, videos, and the RC websites: <> and .[15]

RCers[16] should not let the Internet be the main source of information about RC for new people. Instead, we should actively

  1. give people one-to-one experience with and information about RC;
  2. understand that people may find inaccurate and misleading views of RC on the Internet.


One-to-one is the basic and best method of communicating anything important. It is much easier to hear and accept the ideas of RC, which sharply contradict our fears, prejudices, and other rigidities, if we hear them from someone we like. Nearly all of our present Co-Counselors became seriously interested in Co-Counseling after experiencing discharge and re-evaluation ourselves. We can reach many of the world’s people in this way. Doing this will give Co-Counselors who are not yet ready to teach classes a way to communicate their knowledge of RC to others.

Every Co-Counselor can reach new people with RC and will benefit from doing so.

 [15] The RC Community website, <>, serves the RC Community. The “New-to-RC” website, <>, provides well-organized introductory information about RC. The RC Community also has individual websites for our “going-public” projects: “United to End Racism” (UER) <>, “No Limits for Women” (No Limits) <>, and “Sustaining All Life” (SAL) <>.

[16] RCer is another term for Co-Counselor.

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