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About the Re-evaluation Foundation

The Re-evaluation Foundation supports projects  based on the theory and practice of Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) that apply bold, thoughtful action to freeing human beings from the distresses associated with past hurtful, unjust experiences.

Founded in 1972, the Foundation provides resources to help disseminate the ideas, skills, and leadership training of RC to people whose access to RC is limited by low income, geographic location, or other restrictive circumstances.

Any member of the RC community may propose projects to the Foundation. The Foundation evaluates proposals and operates as an independent source of financial assistance for underwriting those that are approved. Many Foundation grants are used to train leaders who want to help families flourish, improve the work lives of men and women, and make institutions more effective and more humane. Often the financial assistance pays expenses for workshops or conferences focused on building effective working alliances within and across cultural, racial, and class groups. The Foundation frequently underwrites the financial costs of the travel, workshop tuition, meeting facilities, and RC literature that help its grantees reach across barriers caused by low income, geographic separation, and isolation.

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