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The Role of Re-evaluation Counseling in Liberation

1.  Re-evaluation Counseling is not a program for social liberation. The Re-evaluation Counseling Communities have a one-point program only, that is, the use of Re-evaluation Counseling to recover one’s occluded intelligence and to help others do the same.

2.  Re-evaluation Counseling Communities do encourage and support rational attitudes on the part of all Co-Counselors on all questions, including the questions of resisting oppression and achieving liberation.

3.  Re-evaluation Counseling is a program for individual liberation.

4.  Re-evaluation Counseling is a tool for assisting individuals to struggle more effectively for liberation by eliminating acting on distress or painful emotion and assisting them to act intelligently and successfully.

5.  The Re-evaluation Counseling Communities are ready to support and assist all liberation movements and the individuals within them to be more effective in their struggle for liberation.

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