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Key Insights for Teaching and Learning*

1. Any shut-down of the person prevents learning.

2. Validation combats shut-down.

3. Learning operates only between the limits of too much new information too fast (confusion, frustration) and too little new information (boredom).

4. New information should be offered accompanied by its relationship to information already assimilated.

5. New information can only be absorbed in small, ordered increments.

6. "It is the nature of humans to desire to know.”—Aristotle.

7. It is difficult to accept important new knowledge except from someone one loves.

8. It is easier to learn from peers.

9. Most learning must be one-to-one transfer of information. This requires that learners teach each other.

10. All successful new structures grow within the old structures before they overthrow and replace the old.

11. Loving self-confidence on the part of the teacher and correct policies will overcome all obstacles.

Harvey Jackins

 * Calvinwood I, Classroom Teachers' Workshop—February 27-29, 1971

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