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Women Reclaiming Our Physical Power
Teresa Enrico
September 30 or
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September 17-23

RC Online Registration (by invitation only)

Please refer to our contact page to request information about Re-evaluation Counseling resources.

At this time you can register here only if you have been invited:

  1. to the online fundamentals class,
  2. as a subscriber to the digital edition of Present Time (PTOL),
  3. as an editor of local sites, translations, or journals
  4. as an organizer for workshops, area's, region's
  5. for testing

Don't register if you already have an account for this web site. Your new privileges will be added to your existing account.

You can register by filling in the form below according to these directions.

1. Create and fill in your "MemberID/Username." (This is a user name of your choice—please record it somewhere; you'll need it every time you log in to the RC website. It is recommended to use a password manager).

2. Fill in your full name and your personal email address on the next two lines.

3. On the line asking for "Reference E-mail Address, use the e-mail-address of the person who invited you:"

  • For subscriptions to the digital edition of Present Time (PTOL), fill in this email: <>. 
  • For the online class, fill in this email:
  • If your Area or Region has been invited to take part in a pilot project, fill in your ARP or RRP’s email address.
  • If invited by an organizer, fill in the e-mail-address of the organizer.
  • Never use: or These won't work.

You will be sent an e-mail.

⚠If you don't get the email within half an hour, please check your spam-box or spam-settings (add to your contacts or address-book).

Follow the instructions in the email. If you have trouble completing the procedure you can also turn to this manual for help.

Select the Send-button to submit your form!

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