We cannot tell you your password, because we keep it in an one way encrypted form. This is to make it hard to steal passwords from us. Your password can be reset though.

To reset your password fill in the form below! If there is no form, it is possible that you are already logged in.

After submitting the form you will receive an email. If you are known to this site the e-mail will contain a link back to the password renewal page on this site. You will be asked for a new password.

☞ Your password should be at least 6 characters long, an contain at least 1 digit, and 1 letter, and 1 puntuation mark.

☞ If you don't receive an e-mail within a few minutes check your spam folder or settings (and also add noreply@cocounseling.net to your contacts or address-book).

If you don't remember your memberid: leave that field empty. It will be included in the mail that you receive. 

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