Being Allies to Muslims

Muslims around the world are being harshly targeted. We can decide to move closer to Muslims, build deep long-lasting relationships with them, and openly show love and respect. We don’t have to stand on the sidelines and passively watch the brutal mistreatment.

I was at the Contemporary Women’s Issues workshop in Poland when I got the news of the New Zealand killings [the murder of fifty-one people by a white supremacist in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand]. The day before the shooting I had convened a meal table on being allies to Muslims. I had shared why this work matters to me and why I have decided to do it.

The following is some of what we discussed and discharged about:

  • Muslims worldwide are being targeted.
  • There are many lies and much misinformation about Muslims.
  • Being allies to Muslims is not about “saving” Muslims.
  • An attack on Muslims is an attack on all of us.
  • We can decide to end the oppression of Muslims.
  • What early hurts do we need to resolve to take Muslims into our hearts and not go silent when we witness mistreatment of them?
  • What are our early memories of hearing about Muslims?

We shared time in the group. I discharged about my family’s history. When India was divided into a Hindu state (India) and a Muslim state (East and West Pakistan), my Hindu family became separated from dear Muslim friends.


Stockholm, Sweden

Reprinted from the RC e-mail
discussion list for leaders of South,
Central, and West Asian-heritage people

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