The More Meaningful Opportunity

If you had a choice of how you were going to be meaningful, would you choose to determine the laws of planetary motion or choose to lead humanity out of its distress? Would you choose to lead armies across Europe or choose to help people regain a glimpse of their inherent greatness and of the possibilities still before them, and put the tools in their hands to achieve those possibilities?

I don’t think there is much question which you would choose. I don’t think there is much question which Napoleon or Newton would choose. If they had our chance, and if they could see past whatever patterns they were saddled with (and they both had a lot of them), I don’t think there is any question that they would find our opportunity far more glorious, far more significant, far more meaningful than what they had a chance to do.

Harvey Jackins

From pages 10 to 11 of The Benign Reality

(Present Time 190, January 2018)

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