Present Time 179, April 2015 Contents

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No Limits, at the Beijing+20 Women’s Forum, Diane Balser, 3-4


Counseling Practice—5-24

Family Work for People of the Global Majority, Fela Barclift, 5-6

Poem, Gudrun Onkels, 6

Revisiting Family Work, Alysia Tate, 7

More Trout Than Clams, Harvey Jackins, 7

Sharing the Hard Stuff, Marion Ouphouet, 8

There Has to Be a Place, Tim Jackins, 8

Recovering from a Bicycle Accident, Emily Cunningham, 9-14

More Counselor Awareness, Harvey Jackins, 14

Action in Sessions, Yoni Kallai, 15

Moving in Sessions Leaves Us More Powerful, Margie Doyle-Papadopoulou, 15

Exercise, Then Discharge, Timna Raz, 16

Discharging on Exercise and Fitness, Yohai Ben Ami, 16

Explaining Children’s Heavey Sessions to Non-Co-Counselors, Anonymous, 17

The Power of the Timer, “Bobby Tamara,” 18

     The Direction, Harvey Jackins, 18

Reclaiming Our Minds, Jim Cummings, 19

Choosing a Perspective on General Anesthesia, Barbara Boring, 20-23

Thinking in Interaction, Harvey Jackins, 23

Shift Due to Discharge, “Magical,” S.J. Shashikala (Shashi), 24

Buried Dreams (poem), Jim DuBois, 24


Wide World Changing—25-49

All Human Life Is Sacred, Barbara Love, 25-26

“Freedom of Speech” Can Distract Us from Ending Racism, Alysia Tate, 26

Art, and Racism, Diane Balser, 27

“I’m Not Going to Let You Do That,” Pamela Haines, 27

Taking Power Over Society, Harvey Jackins, 27

We Need Allies, Pam Geyer, 28

Jews Making Allies Locally, Fiona Frank, 28

“A Step into the Unknown,” Lotta Kronlid, 29-30

Reclaiming Our Minds and Sharing Our Thinking, Cynthia Johnston, 30   Uncomfortable, but Marching, Bill Holland, 31

Parents, Hope, and the Environment, Marya Axner, 32

A Classless Society, Harvey Jackins, 32

Young People Regaining Power, Arlo Cristofaro-Hark, 33

Teaching RC to Climate Activists, Jim Driscoll, 34

Why Changing Society Is Important, Harvey Jackins, 34

I Love This Planet More Than You Know . . . (poem), Marion Ouphouet, 35

Climate Change, and Ideas for Action, John Braxton, 36-40

Goodbye to Cold? (poem), Katie Kauffman, 41

Fighting for My “Different” Son, Anonymous, 42

Power, and Effective Policies, Harvey Jackins, 42

My Talk on Sexism, Alima Adams, 43-44

“This Is Where I Grew Up,” Cameron Hubbe, 45

No More Public Remembrance Day Ceremonies, Kerri Wall, 46

Bringing Fathers Together, Sandy Wilder, 47-48

Creating Alternatives to Capitalism, Seán Ruth and Factory Worker, 48-49



RC Muslims: Don’t Go Quiet, Azi Khalili, 51

Urgent Work, Monisha Bajaj, 51

A Class on South Asian Liberation, Dipti Baranwal, 52

“I Can Hold Out a Hand of Unity,” Kayhan Irani, 52

Training Allies to South Asians, Amisha Patel, 52

The Systematic Targeting of Black Men, Jane Zones, 53

“It Will Need to Be the Women,” Marcie Rendon, 53

A Successful Men’s Class, several people, 54-55

“The Toughest, Meanest Leader There Ever Was,” Harvey Jackins, 55

The Usefulness of Counseling White People on Racism, Shani Fletcher, 56-58

When Racist Patterns Are Gone, Tim Jackins, 58

The Older Women’s Workshop, several people, 59-62

New Practice/More Alive (poem), Carly Frintner, 62

Fully Reclaiming My Past, Anonymous, 63

We Must Do This, Harvey Jackins, 63

An Exciting Time for Asian Liberation, M—, 64

Allies to Young People, Andy Vernon-Jones, 65

Giving Up Individualism, Taking Responsibility, several people, 66-67

Complete Elimination of Oppression, Harvey Jackins, 67

Grateful for Getting to Fight for Our Liberation, Sarah Brodbar-Nemzer, 68

“Today Is My Thirty-First Birthday,” Nat Lippert, 68

To all my beloved . . . young people and young adults around the world (poem),
Aurora Sofia Palm, 69

Re-emerging from an Oppressor Family History, E—, 70-71

Some Thoughts for Allies to Jews, Bruce Clezy, 71

Care of the Environment, and the Treatment of Boys, Damien Cooke, 71

An Inspiring Workshop for Young Women, Mari Piggott and Diane Balser, 72

Learn and Discharge, Harvey Jackins, 72

A Liberation Workshop for Owning-Class Jews, Cherie Brown, 73-74

More on the Owning-Class Jews Workshop, Diana Lieb, 75-76


Teaching, Leading, Community Building—77-85

A Children’s Class at Unifat School, Atunu Naume, 77

To All Before and After (poem), Sojourner Truth, 77

Being “Regular” and Being a Leader, Teresa Enrico, 78-79

Teach After the First Class, Harvey Jackins, 79

Take Charge, Harvey Jackins, 80

Activists Discharging Together, “Rooi Teve,” 80

Discharging About Muslims, in My Jewish Support Group, Jna Shelomith, 81

What We Are Doing, Harvey Jackins, 81

Resolution (poem), Chuck Esser, 82

Ending the Year with a Bang! Kingsley Ibekwe, 82

Creative Care of the Environment at Workshops, Suvan Geer, 83

Girls, and Female Family Workers, submitted by Caryn Davis, 84

The Importance of Policy, Harvey Jackins, 84

Emphasizing Play, Trese Elguera, 85

Men Working on Reproductive Issues, Dan Nickerson, 85


RC on the Internet—86-88

Information Coordinators—89-91

Publications—92-98, 100-104

Translation Coordinators—99


Videocassettes and DVDs—107-109

Ordering Information—110

Present Time Subscriptions—111

Reference Persons for Organized Areas—112-115

International Reference Persons, International Liberation Reference Persons, International Commonality Reference Persons, and the Re-evaluation Foundation—116

Teachers in Developing Communities—117-122

Re-evaluation Counseling Contacts—123-124





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