Health and Well-Being for All!

Almost all health issues have their origins in hurts that happened early in our lives. Then the distresses keep accumulating. By the time we are adults, we begin to experience physical problems that are the result of our not having discharged the distresses that got tucked away.

It took a long time for them to accumulate, so it can take a long time to discharge them. There are no miracles and no quick “fixes,” no matter how much we long for this.

In my twenties, I was involved in a serious accident. Out of necessity I started working on health issues. Almost dying, broken bones, surgeries, and anesthesia were holding me back from having a big life. It took several years of Co-Counseling to begin to build a big life for myself outside the pain and distress. There was a lot to figure out about how distresses prevent us from healing fully. (It wouldn’t take that long now, because I know so much more.)

Co-Counselors are more and more often getting together to support a long-term Community member who urgently needs to work on health issues. Many of those needing support are elders. Why wait until it is urgent? The time to start working is now, before you have a major issue.

I’m encouraging everyone, of every age, to set up health and healing support groups. I have been in such a support group for eleven years. We have evolved into a strong team, and our lives have gotten bigger as a result. We’ve worked on many topics: being ill as a young person, watching others be ill, anesthesia, surgeries, relationships with doctors and other medical professionals, addictions, aging, sex, money, discouragement, oppression and reproduction, and more. (If a group of Co-Counselors is supporting someone in a health crisis, to do it well they need to meet as a group without that person, to discharge their own distress related to their own bodies.)

To quote Marsha Saxton,* “Take your body to session.” I’ll add, “Take it regularly to session (at least once a month) and work on all your feelings about your body, even if it doesn’t seem important.

It is never too early. If you are in your twenties, thirties, or forties, the time is right. It is never too late. If you are in your fifties, sixties, or seventies, or older, the time is right. I’m available to help you get started.

Happy discharging!

Pam Geyer
International Liberation

Reference Person for Elders
Bellaire, Texas, USA

* Marsha Saxton is the International Liberation Reference Person for People with Disabilities.

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