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A Secure and Sustainable Future for All

Seán Ruth, the International Liberation Reference Person for Middle-Class People, has challenged the middle class to give up its fears around “comfort and security.” Working-class people of the world’s most wealthy countries also need to face their role as “agents of oppression” and accept the same challenge. 

In some sense, working-class people of the First World countries* have adopted an unsustainable “middle-class” lifestyle and level of consumption made possible only by the exploitation of the majority of the world’s people and the resources of their homelands. 

What would working-class liberation look like if, rather than striving to be like the rich and capture some of their wealth, working-class people advocated for a sustainable and secure future for all people and for all living things on our planet? What would each working-class RCer have to discharge in order to lead the transition? How would we begin to organize our own people around such a program? What sorts of goals, policies, and programs would we advocate, for both working-class liberation and the sustaining of all life on our planet? Have you had any successes in your unions, in your workplaces, or with your working-class peers in moving toward such a policy?   

Dan Nickerson
International Liberation Reference 

Person for Working-Class People 
Freeport, Maine, USA

Reprinted from the RC e-mail discussion
list for leaders of working-class people

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