I met Harvey at a workshop, and he noticed my isolation and counseled me and really believed in me. Somehow he gave me the idea that I could end oppression-that it was possible, that he was doing it and other people were doing it and that I had it in me to end oppression.

After my union went on strike in 1985 and we won a contract, the chief steward asked me to be a union steward. I had read something in The Benign Reality about classism and that there is power in the working class. I decided to become a union steward in 1987, and I haven't stopped since. Harvey inspired me to do union work, and it's been great. I appreciate Harvey for supporting me to do this. Now I have a vision that I can end oppression, and I am daily getting more ideas of how it can be done.

Lois Yoshishige
Eugene, Oregon, USA

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