People of Korean Heritage

My full birth name is Kimberly Kyoungho Koh, and I would like to introduce myself as the newly appointed Information Coordinator for People of Korean Heritage! This is very exciting for me, as much of the work I have done in RC leads me back to who I am.

For a long time, I have wanted to have closer, deeper relationships with my family—my mother, father, older brother, younger brother, and four younger sisters. In this past year, the greatest gift has been my relationship with my older brother and figuring out how to support and encourage him. This has led to his learning about RC. RC has given us a language in which to communicate and express our feelings for each other and has provided a model for other relationships in our family.

When I began RC more than three years ago, I had the opportunity to attend and organize transportation for an Asian liberation workshop in Boston. Here I met four other Korean RCers with whom I immediately fell in love. I couldn’t believe there were other Koreans who did this work (just a little bit of internalized oppression). Since then, I have met a few more Koreans involved in RC and am now very interested in figuring out how we can share ourselves with each other.

My first goal is to update the database of Koreans in RC. Please write me at:

Kim Koh
198 South Street, #2
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 02130-3928, USA
Tel. +1-617-524-4975


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