Visions for People of Chinese Heritage

They have recovered verbal abilities. They speak publicly and articulately in any situation, displaying feelings if necessary.

They are visible in politics, sports, law, entertainment, media, literature, music, science, academia, and government

They learn to speak, read, and write Chinese with the encouragement and love of those living in China.

Their children’s schools are bilingual.

All with any Chinese heritage are honored as fully Chinese.

They have recognized and conquered Chinese internalized oppression through discharge and decision.

Those of all ages among them are expert in Chinese and their home countries’ cultures and cultural patterns. They use discharge to figure out which to embrace and which to reject.

They have abandoned certain practices—shaming, inflicting physical harm, and disowning.

They have abandoned belief in luck, fate, worship of dead ancestors, and the need to respect elders’ patterns.

They maintain close ties with China. Writing and visiting abound in both directions. They ally politically to ensure good treatment of all parties.

They have secured their welcome so that political conflicts and wars involving China cannot threaten their security.

Allied with African Americans, Latinos/as, Native Americans, other persons of Asian heritage, and other people of color, they have eliminated racism.

They form large, trusting networks with non-Chinese, who come to their defense if they are falsely accused.

They have discharged and shed their history of exploitation as middle agents in adopted countries.

They have eliminated class oppressions. They share wealth. They respect all forms of work.

They have discharged any sense of victimization from events in their former countries and act with a great degree of social responsibility and generosity.

They are widely connected emotionally. They discharge expertly.

Using common experiences and common literature, they create close networks among themselves.

They balance pursuit of future goals with absorbed appreciation of the present moment.

They are admired for their particular styles of working, including managing organizations. For their great productiveness they accept admiration but do not tolerate exploitation.

Men among them are seen as fully masculine. Women among them are valued for their accomplishments.

Immigrants among them have discharged all hurts around separation from homelands. They are cured from placing on their children compensatory and unreasonable expectations of success.

For disseminating correct information about themselves, they have built fascinating channels—schools, university departments, theater, television, and film.

Jim Lin
La Jolla, California, USA

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