It’s Not Mine

In 1988, following attendance at an owning-class workshop led by Harvey Jackins, I made the decision to forward all unearned income I receive to the Community Service Fund of Personal Counselors, Inc. At the time it was a ‘gut’ decision, an intuitive response to Harvey’s request. Since then I have given the matter more thought and attempted to formulate some logical reasons for keeping to the decision. These are:

• The money is not mine. To claim it is mine is to justify personal control of wealth and give my power to an owning-class chronic pattern.

• The money is stolen. It has been appropriated from other people who are forced into giving away the value of their labour.

• It gives me joy to be a worker, to contribute to my survival and enjoyment of life, and to that of all other human beings and my universe.

• My place is with working people, from whom I was stolen and to whom I am humbly returning.

• Cooperation based on intimate relationships provides the only form of real security. None can be obtained through money and wealth.

• The decision on how the money is spent is to be made by representatives of the working class. This avoids any vestige of ‘retaining control’ and ‘narrow self-interest’ patterns affecting the decision.

• Re-evaluation Counseling theory and practice provide the tools to reclaim an inherent healing process that frees our intelligence and can liberate all humanity from irrational, harmful behavior.

• No other organization yet meets the above criteria.

• The International Reference Person, through contact with International Liberation and Regional Reference Persons, is best placed to decide where and how the resources can be most effectively used.



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