Who is Owning Class?

The issue of who is owning class comes up often in RC. There is often confusion around whether or not to identify as owning class. If any of the following statements applies to you, you may carry owning-class distress:
•I see myself as “upper-middle class,” but not owning class.
•I was raised owning class but am now middle or working class.
•I inherited money, but it is all gone and I am not presently an owner.
•I inherited owning-class patterns, but my family was working class or middle class.
•I was raised working class but am an owner now.

For those who still have doubts about their owning-class connection, it is helpful to answer the following questions:
•Is there anything in your background or present experi-ence that would cause you to have owning-class distress that needs to be discharged? and/or
•Do you live off any money you do not earn?

It is essential to fully discharge distresses related to class background. If any of the owning-class distress patterns in the following list are familiar to you, proudly claim your owning-class connection and go to work!


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