Thrilled to Be Teaching Fundamentals

Reprinted from the RC e-mail discussion list for leaders of parents

I am a long-time RC leader who has taught RC fundamentals classes many times, but not in the seven years since my daughter was born. I am now leading the second cycle of an RC fundamentals class and it is going very well! We met for the first class of the second cycle tonight, and people shared how RC had continued to affect them during the three weeks between the first class cycle and tonight. One person said she was now able to remember that discouragement is always old, and to keep that perspective in her wide-world change work! Another said he had had several re-evaluations since hearing the theory about men’s oppression.  Another said she was able to remember that there is always at least one elegant solution to every problem. And yet another new Co-Counselor was able to work on ending racism from a hopeful perspective.

I am thrilled to be leading new counselors again and am reminded of all the benefits of teaching RC, such as:

* Several hours of having my attention way out of my chronic material

* The hopefulness of sharing RC theory with new people and seeing them understand and use it

* Having powerlessness contradicted and seeing I am making a difference

* Being able to think better and in a more far-reaching way about ending oppression and building my Community

And best of all, having my daughter say, “Good, I am glad you are teaching Z—’s mother RC. Now she can give Z— sessions!”

I am glad to be part of this project with all of you.

Anne Claire (AC) Broughton
Durham, North Carolina, USA


Wow, thanks so much for sharing this. I have been counseling for eight years and finally got brave and courageous enough to teach. I am on class five of my first fundamentals class and I feel so good about my class and how it’s going. I absolutely love teaching. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is how much more attention and energy I have since I started teaching—it is amazing.

I have five new people and they are just like sponges, soaking up everything and then sharing their thinking about all the concepts. I like how you listed the benefits--a good reminder.  Thanks for sharing your thinking.

 Inge Taylor
San Diego, California, USA

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