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Women Reclaiming Our Physical Power
Teresa Enrico
September 30 or
October 1

September 17-23

Some good readings for people new to Re-evaluation Counseling

How to Begin RC

The Human Side of Human Beings (the theory of RC), $4.00 (US) (online)          

The Fundamentals of Co-Counseling Manual (the beginning practice of RC), $8.00 (US)                      

The Art of Listening (an introductory talk about RC), $2.00 (US)          

An Introduction to Co-Counseling (a very short description of RC), $1.00 (US)           

The Human Situation (essays on different topics), $6.00 (US)

Present Time (a general journal published four times a year), $5.00 (US) (recent articles from Present Time online)

These can all be ordered from Rational Island Publishers.


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