I never got to a workshop to meet Harvey, but I was invited to an Area gather-in to discharge and tell stories about our relationship with him, and this was my contribution.

To Harvey

Somehow I thought that you would live forever. Since death's unnecessary, you'd be the first to look it in the eye and say, "Move along now. I'm way too busy to go with you!"

I never got to meet you, but I can tell a of how it may have been, from hearing others speak of you:

You may have loved me, as a father loves his daughter.

You may have listened, paying rapt attention to my every word.

You may have challenged me, knowing there was life beyond my limits.

You may have watched me with deep respect and admiration, as I struggled to be human in your presence.

You may have laughed, as I shared the story of my failures, knowing they are not worthy of the power I give them.

You may have chuckled as I told you of a triumph- a lesson well learned, a coming to fruition.

You may have welcomed the vastness of my thinking, honored the richness of my inner life, delighted in my sharing it with you.

You may have held me sweetly in your arms as I sobbed out my regrets- the loss of loves, the leavings without goodbyes, the opportunities, now gone forever.

You would have smiled and I would have known they are not gone That my opportunities are limitless.

Lori Beth McCray
Marlborough, Massachusetts,

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