My favorite memory of Harvey was at a workshop many years ago in New Hampshire, USA. At break, Harvey had us all come outside to play volleyball. This was not a suggestion but an order.

My usual tendency at breaks is to take a nap, and volleyball is not a game I've played by choice-ever. Several times during this game I messed up a return or watched the ball drop through my hands to land at my feet. Suddenly, Harvey jumped over in front of me and began shaking my hand, saying, "Congratulations! You're the worst volleyball player I've ever seen!" The laughter loosened me up a little-not enough for me to play well, but enough that it began to be fun. A few minutes later, when I couldn't serve to save my life, he yelled over, "Nancy, pretend it's my head!" and I successfully sent the ball sailing over the net.

Nancy Parker
Manchester, Connecticut, USA

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