I found it an extraordinary experience being around Harvey for a few months, when I volunteered at Personal Counselors. Knowing more about his daily life gave me more understanding of his thinking and being.

I loved seeing the number and diversity of magazines to which he had subscriptions. He probably didn't read all of them cover to back, but they showed me the range of his interests and how curious and open he was to other people's thinking.

One dear memory is when he gave me a few of his shirts to wear when I had stained my own clothes.

I got to see how available he was to all individuals in the Community. I hadn't realised this until I typed letters for him, or heard him go over everything he had done during the day, including the hours he had spent on the phone counselling people from all over the world. He was always available by mail or telephone, and to people in Seattle he was also available for short walks or visits. I loved this very personal way of leading.

I also loved seeing how he valued things like baking blueberry cakes or making necklaces for himself.

Jos Somsen
Tilburg, the Netherlands

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