My contact with Harvey was deep and personal. We met as two people, not "just" as two RC leaders. It was important to me that he was here in my house as my guest. It was important that he met my husband and children.

Harvey had a great understanding of Jews and Palestinians and of the relationship between them. Although we didn't always agree on the details, I always knew I could turn to him for clear thinking about what was going on around me. Usually that thinking was expressed by his asking me the questions that would lead me to work things out for myself. I could always rely on his strength-and could sometimes ask him to use it for me.

In a very real way I feel that he is here with me and that I will always be able to talk to him. At the same time, it is clear to me that from now on I am the driver of the train of Palestinian liberation. As a result, I have thought through a number of issues and made a series of decisions about how we will be moving our liberation forward in the near future.

Noha Hijab
Kfar Maker, Israel

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