Harvey altered my life completely-in what he wrote, in what he said at many workshops, and in my personal connection with him. There is no doubt he was a genius in the true sense of the word.

Yet despite the hugeness of the man, he taught us to build our visions of what was possible for the world just as he had, by attending to the small details: the local scene, individual closeness, the personal connections and little actions that would eventually lead to so much else, the answering of every letter and e-mail as quickly as he could, and, above all, treating people with respect at every turn, whether he knew them or not. consequently, very many of us around the globe will continue to talk to him in our heads as we go about our daily routines, will live our lives doing the things he inspired us to do, and will count him as a best personal friend.

  1. Vivien Richmond
    Liverpool, England

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