Introducing Digital Present Time

Rational Island Publishers is now offering subscriptions to the electronic version of Present Time! Digital Present Time should make it easier for many people to access this important resource, and it offers several interesting new features we think you’ll like.

Because we need time to prepare the digital edition, it will be available one month later than the print version: February, May, August, November. 

Following is a brief overview of Digital Present Time subscriptions:

Two Versions of Content

Subscriptions include access to two versions of digital Present Time content:

  • downloadable PDF issues of Present Time, and
  • the online (RC website) version of Present Time.

PDF Version Overview

The PDF version of Present Time is better for use on computers and tablets like the iPad. (PDFs can be difficult to read on cell phone screens.) Our PDFs have been formatted to allow you to search each one for words and phrases. You can also make notes in your downloaded copy. You can flag articles as you read them and highlight interesting articles or passages.

Online Version Overview

The online (RC website) version of Present Time requires an active Internet connection while reading articles. These articles are published on the RC website and appear in the RC website format. This online version of Present Time:

  • is easier to read on small screens and
  • offers excellent search capabilities.

What a Digital Subscription Includes

With a digital subscription, you get access to both the PDF and online versions of Present Time. And you have access not only to the issues produced during the period of your subscription—you’ll also have access to digital versions of the previous four years of Present Time! (Note: Issues more than four years old are already available as PDF downloads on the RC website although these PDFs are not as rich in features as the new ones.)

The contact pages of Present Time will not be in the digital version, but will be available in the subscriber-only areas of the website.

How the Digital Subscription Works

With a digital subscription, you will have access to password-protected Present Time pages of the RC website. Once your subscription expires, you won’t have access to those pages unless you re-subscribe. In other words, you will not have perpetual access on the website to the issues published during the term of your subscription.

Search Capabilities

One of the best things about a digital subscription is the ability to search Present Time for words or phrases. When you use the PDF version of Present Time, you can search that particular issue for your chosen topic. Or, if you are online, you can search the entire RC website for that word or phrase.

You can perform RC website searches whether or not you subscribe to Digital Present Time, but the website will only search the content you’re authorized to see. So, if you don’t subscribe to Digital Present Time, you can’t see search results for the past four years of Present Time.

Subscription Cost

  • The cost for a digital subscription to Present Time is $20 (USD) per year.
  • If you want both print and digital versions, you can add a digital subscription to a print subscription for the duration of your print subscription. The cost is only $10 per year more, or $2.50 per issue, provided you have at least a one-year print subscription in effect. We will customize your add-on digital subscription so it expires with the same issue as your print subscription.

How to Order

Use a Visa or Mastercard on the Rational Island website at  

  • To subscribe to the print edition, look for the "Present Time print edition: subscribe or renew" link on the right side of the home page.
  • To subscribe to the digital edition, look for the "Present Time digital edition (DPT): subscribe or renew" link on the right side of the home page.


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